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    Keto 101

    How Do I Get Over A Weight Loss Stall?

    3 STEPS TO BREAK THROUGH YOUR WEIGHT LOSS STALL I’m hoping you’ve found this post…

    What Alcohol Can I Have on Keto?

    The question on everyone’s lips when starting, but possibly a little reticent about asking; “What…
    Keto 101

    Do I Count Net or Total Carbs?

    Some people are metabolically gifted and seem to do great counting net carbs. For a…
    Keto 101

    How Do I Know If I’m Fat-Adapted?

    WHAT IS “FAT-ADAPTED” OR “KETO-ADAPTED”? In order for your fat-burning bod to gain full reigns,…
    Keto 101

    How Do I Meal Prep On Keto?

    Benjamin Franklin once said: “if you fail to plan you are planning to fail.” This…
    Keto 101

    How Do I Test For Ketones?

    TESTING FOR KETONES: To pee or not to pee!? Testing for nutritional ketosis is such…
    Keto 101

    How Do I Add More Fat To My Diet?

    The keto way of eating can be decadent with flavourful ingredients covered in full-fat creamy…

    Will The Keto Diet Negatively Affect My Cholesterol?

    WHAT THE HDL IS WRONG WITH MY NUMBERS? As you begin to research what a…

    How To Eat Out On Keto

    How Do I Eat Out With Friends & Stick To Keto? The first thing I…

      Sophie Laura’s Beef Stroganoff & Creamy Cauli Mash

      My take on the classic beef stroganoff with mushrooms and parsley… Ketofied with creamy cauliflower mash. Enjoy! xo